LAST UPDATED: Feb 18, 2013

The Big List of Female PEDOPHILES

NOTE: I used to keep and maintain a list of female pedophiles here, but, it occurred to me, that the only "type" of sex that feminists ever focused on was the more "negative" types - i.e. rape, date rape, date rape drugs, sexual harassment, pedophilia etc... I have removed the list of female pedophiles because I have no intention of "aping" or "mimicking" feminism in any way.

In other words, I will not focus on "dirty laundry".

There is no need to focus on the negative aspects of sex unless you support feminism.

The fact that feminists had to make a "genre" of feminism called, "sex positive" feminism speaks volumes about the feminist movement as a whole

Feminism was, is and will always be a HATE movement