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I have re-opened this section. Go ahead and be disappointed. I am NOT an MRA, nor will I ever be. Click here to read about why I originally started this site, why I took it down, and why it is back up!

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The Reason I made this Section on my Web-Site.

HYPOTHESIS: I believe that feminism has been a destructive force upon our society

CONCLUSION: Feminism has been a destructive force upon our society. However, there are deeply ingrained factors in our society that produce a natural hatred of heterosexual males. This has lead to our culture celebrating homosexuality while at the same time scorning heterosexual males.

DATA: This is best witnessed, or proven, by incidents like Catherine Kieu Becker sexually mutilating her husband, and The Talk (a show comprised of an all female panel and an all female audience) cheering and applauding her actions. That is, the woman on that show celebrated the sexual mutilation of a man they did not know. The mere sexual mutilation of man is what earned the praise. There are many other incidents as well. I will not bother listing them all. Please take note that The Talk is NOT a feminist T.V. show, and the women are not "Fat Ugly Hags" as many people would have you believe. One is in fact Asian, and most of them are very attractive. The concept that men-haters are all "Fat Ugly Hags" is a LIE being spread by various MRM, MHRM, MGTOW and ANTI-FEMINIST sites.
It is also best witnessed or proven by the fact that we have "Gay Pride" marches, but no "Straight Pride" marches.

HYPOTHESIS: MRM/MHRM/MGTOW and even many ANTI-FEMINIST sites are NOT going to fix the problem, I believe that they will in fact, make the problem worse.

DATA: After having browsed may "MRA" sites, I can solidly deduce that I will have no part of the MRM, MHRM, MGTOW or any other farse I have encountered.

  • Many of these sites appear to be pro-men, but eventually, their real agenda becomes apparent. Such agendas include racism (especially Jew-hatred), extreme political agendas, or actually feminism being re-hashed for men instead of women (i.e. show men as perpetual victims etc...).

  • The creation of factoids in true feminist fashion. The most common being "3 in 10 men who think they are fathers are not fathers". This factoid came from a random sampling of a paternity test database. Paternity tests are not done unless there is a suspicion to begin with. The way to correctly interpret said results would be, "When there is a doubt about who the father of a child is, 7 of 10 times, the suspected man is the father". Twisting data like this is feminism - and it is what the MRM, MHRM, MGTOW and some "anti-feminists" do. I will have no part of that.
    The only way to truly know how many men think they are fathers and are not - would be to do paternity tests on a random sample of the population. The number might be much higher than 3 in 10, it might be much lower than 3 in 10. Such a study would involve a huge violation of privacy rights, but would be interesting nonetheless.

  • Establishing perpetual victim status for men. See - domestic violence. There was no reason to distinguish domestic violence from regular violence. Violence against anybody is wrong. However; instead of removing the feminist distinguishment of domestic violence, most MRM, MHRM, MGTOW and ANTI-FEMINIST sites perpetuate the problem, by placing some violence against men into the category of domestic violence instead of "undoing" what feminism did.
    There is no reason to distinguish a difference between domestic violence, violence in the workplace, or random street violence. Violence is violence and should be STOPPED not endlessly categorized and made into classes that young college students are forced to take.

  • Many MRM/MHRM/MGTOW and ANTI-FEMINIST sites even go so far as to claim that many young men are raped by women. This only serves to further bash heterosexual relations. Why don't any of these sites focus on homosexual rape? Many of them are RUN BY HOMOSEXUALS - like A Voice for Men.

  • SEX NEGATIVITY. I am guilty of this myself. When I first stumbled onto the "man-o-sphere", I realized that women having sexual relations with their "underaged" male students were not being punished as much as men. This is because of heterosexual male hatred. While I compeltely agree that there is some bias here as far as punishment goes, I think that the real problem is people taking a negative reaction towards heterosexual relations - and not the distribution of punishment. A 15 year old boy having sex with his teacher is NOT A VICTIM - in many cases, he is one lucky bastard for getting to have sex with a beautiful woman. The same could be said about a sex-reversed situation, but our society's hatred of heterosexual males will not allow it. Evind Berg opened my eyes to this portion of the MRM, MHRM, MGTOW and ANTI-FEMINIST sites.

  • The College Fiasco. 80% of women attend college these days, while only 33% of men attend college. many MRM, MHRM, MGTOW and ANTI-FEMINIST sites claim that this is because of sexual bias. They are correct. However; in days past, 33% of men still attended college where 25% of women attended college. Many women these days graduate from college tremendously in student loan debt and with a worthless degree that will not even land them a job at Taco Bell. Anybody wanting to place an equal number of men into the same bad situation IS NOT A FRIEND OR ALLY OF MEN - PERIOD. Watch the documentary "Indoctrinate-U". Many degrees that colleges have to offer these days are crap - and many colleges themselves are crap. Yes, more women do fall for the farse of modern colleges and yes, that is certainly NOT EQUAL. But guess what - INEQUALITY can often be a good thing - especially when it keeps MEN out of a scam or a bad situation.


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